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Recognized by the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and AFAA (Athletic and Fitness Association of America), the course takes place in the span of a single day with the following hours: 9.30-13.00 and 14.00-18.00. Each participant will receive at the course:- n.1 pantry BabyGET! Instructor course- n.1 "Original Pieces"® Gymnastikball Maxafe® by 42cm or 53cm- n.1 certificate (*)During the course, will be carried out in practical situations that require the active participation of the future BabyGET! Instructor, in addition to the notions useful for a correct performance of the lessons, which have as first objective the harmonious development and happy of the child from the point of view of the psycho-physical and emotional.Cost of training: €179,00 You can also pay through Bank Transfer toDavide ZanichelliPostepay Evolution 5333171040284065IBAN: IT95D0760105138231664731675reason: BabyGET + to indicate the date and the cityPayPal:


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El curso "Made in Italy" con dos certificaciones internacionales: NASM (Academia Nacional de Medicina Deportiva) y AFAA (Aerobics y Fitness Association of America).La primera aptitud funcional en el tiempo a la música utilizando únicamente el Gymball. Así aprenderá 4 tipos de curso:GET! GAG (el núcleo y el riel inferior)GET! BODY (un total del cuerpo como nunca lo has probado)GET! Cardio (tal vez no sea un entrenamiento tan intenso que imaginó con el uso de gymball solamente)GET! Fusión (novedad 2017, un entrenamiento divertido y altamente metabólico, adecuado para todos)NO cuota mensual o PROGRAMA ANUAL mA y formato que utilice siempre *El participante recibirá el entrenamiento:1 "Original Pezzi" ® Gymnastikball Maxafe® por Ledragomma# 1 libro "GET! Gymball Formación Edad"1 despensa GET! instructor1 certificado con validez internacional (el examen al final del curso)terminadoE 'también puede pagar por transferencia bancaria a nombre deDavide ZanichelliEl apoyo del Banco Banca SellaIBAN IT87W0326810100052985284380Motivo: GET + fecha y ciudades indicar* Antes de marca de usuario de autorización, otorgada con el primer kit de maxafe® Gymnastikball a un precio reservado para sólo obtener! Instructor calificado. Para información 3898303821 (Davide Zanichelli) get@fit-up-solution.comcursos de información segreteria@fit-up-solution.comInformación Masterclass


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Here we propose the top of the range with a 22kg flywheel, magnetic braking system and belt transmission, for maximum silence and reduced friction and wear.Features:- Magnetic braking system,- Micrometric inertia adjustment,- Emergency pressure brake,- 22 kg flywheel to fixed pinion,- Belt drive,- Bottom bracket on bearings,- Ergonomic handlebar, multi-handle, vertically adjustable,- Adjustable saddle horizontally and verticallyYou will be contacted quickly to calculate transport costs.


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The course "Made in Italy" with two international certifications: NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America).The first functional ability in time to music using only the Gymball. So you will learn 4 types of course:GET! GAG (the core and the lower rail)GET! BODY (a total body like you've never tried)GET! Cardio (maybe it's not such an intense workout that he imagined with the use of gymball only)GET! Fusion (novelty 2017, a fun and highly metabolic training, suitable for everyone)NO monthly fee or mA ANNUAL PROGRAM and format that you always use *The participant will receive the training:1 "Original Pezzi" ® Gymnastikball Maxafe® by Ledragomma# 1 KINDLE book "GET! Gymball Evo Training"1 pantry GET! instructor1 certificate with international validity (the exam at the end of the course)finishedPromotional price of 8000 pesos training! (only for the first members). To book your participation, an advance of 2500 pesos is required through paypal at the email address The balance of 5500 pesos must be paid before Wednesday, February 21, 2018 in the current account indicated below. Then, an invoice will be issued for each payment (1 invoice for the advance payment + 1 invoice for the balance)E 'can also pay by bank transfer on behalf ofDavide ZanichelliThe support of Banco Banca SellaIBAN IT87W0326810100052985284380BIC / SWIFT: SELBIT2BXXXReason: GET + date and cities indicatePayPal:* Before user authorization mark, awarded with the first maxafe® Gymnastikball kit at a price reserved to only get! Qualified instructor For information +393290129089 (Harumi Valdivieso)


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Cushion of new conception, studied to create a state of well-being for the back. The cushion FitSitEvo® leads the corset abdominal and stabilizer muscles of the back to work in a sitting position, a condition which usually, however, involves pain to the back itself.The product is quality certified, and will improve the state of wellness and general well-being. How is that possible? Try to think of how long you sit during the day... so you can understand how long they can act on our body.


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A great quality product for fitness and to move around freely. The headband allows you to have your hands free and transmitter placed directly to the brace eliminates the inconvenient cable. Furthermore, the volume is directly modulated by the collector itself, without having to approach the implant. The receiver on the other hand comes with a stereo 3.5mm jack and a 6.3 mm stereo adapter to fit any eventuality.In addition both the transmitter and the receiver are rechargeable via USB cable (this included) and battery life before the next recharge, is 4-6 hours.A:Transmitter: Signal feature : 16bit, 44.1Khz Automatic match Frequency Response: 20-20KHzTransmitting mode: 2.4GHz, doubleway, frequency hopping technology Power: Li-on batteryWorking Time:5 HoursCurrency:<70mA Distance: 15M B:Receiver: Receiving mode: 2.4GHz, doubleway, frequency hopping technology Automatic match Audio Output: mix outputFrequency Response: 20-20KHzPower: Li-on battery or DCDistance: 15M


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Mixed colors, FLUO and diameters of 53cm and 65cm. (In the notes at the time of purchase, enter color and size requests).The first balls, gymnastics and the most popular; their use dates back to the years ’60 in Switzerland, and are still improperly called “Swiss ball”.Ideal for a wide range of uses, from gymnastics to rehabilitation, fitness to aerobics, to dance, to sports, to therapy, our Original Parts® Gymnastik Ball are especially suitable as substitutes of the chair, at home, at school, in the office, allowing a correct and nice posture.HERE THEY ARE NOW IN THE FLUO COLOURS! BEAUTIFUL, MODERN AND AFFORDABLE


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Ben 10 gymball BIO at the best price! Dimensions to choice (53 and 65cm) and It is of increasing importance to the research of raw materials of fossil origin. Many manufacturers wish to contribute to the solution of the great environmental problem concerning fossil fuels and greenhouse gases. Ledragomma want to be a part of this process, watching, in this way, the growing demand for products based on renewable raw materials. In this perspective, Ledragomma was able to produce this Gymnastik Ball with raw materials of vegetable origin (from 40% to 60%) and obtaining the relative certification by an independent Body (certification OK biobased Vinçotte). Certifications, OK biobased and ISO 14001 “Environmental Management System”: Ledragomma does its part for a better world !Obtained from renewable sourcesSustainable developmentContrast to global warming


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