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Zanichelli Davide - CEO, Founder & scientific director


Doctor of Sciences, Professor Nonsolofitness, the technical Manager for the Functional Area" at the Center Alcarotti in Novara, Master Trainer, LTS Lebert Training System®, a writer for Fitness33, Researcher, freelance for Ledragomma srl, creator of the courses GET! Gymball Evo Training®, the PendyBall by Ledragomma Original Pezzi Trainer Course and Core&Functional for Personal Workout.


Valdivieso Nagaya Harumi - Referente BabyGET! & brand manager

Graduated in Business administration from UNITEC (Universidad tech de Mexico) and a Master Personal Trainer at Nonsolofitness (AICS-CONES), I'm in charge of the organization of training BabyGET! and the development and expansion of GET! Gymball Evo Training® in Spain and Mexico.

Malaguti Mara - co-developer/Lecturer BabyGET!


Founder in 2005 of the ASD, The Academy School of Dance and well-being, in the 2008 entry in the world of fitness by continuing annually to update and mainly with the format of Zumba® including Kids and Kids jr. Also, being a dance instructor for children, after that in 2014 it will become even GET! Instructor Qualifed (and also focus lesson to the Riminwellness) has strongly wanted to immediately join the work and fun on the gymball teaching for the children and in doing so has developed the format BabyGET! of which he is also a trainer.


Augelli Antonio - co-developer/lecturer BabyGET!

Three-year degree at the DAMS, with an address on television, the Teacher BabyGET! and GET! Instructor Qualified, contact person for the Piedmont Macumba Fitness® Instructor Movida Fitness®

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