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Provider NASM n.1062 (1.5 CEUs)
​Provider AFAA n.11810 (15 CEUs)

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A great quality product for fitness and to move around freely. The headband allows you to have your hands free and transmitter placed directly to the brace eliminates the inconvenient cable. Furthermore, the volume is directly modulated by the collector itself, without having to approach the implant. The receiver on the other hand comes with a stereo 3.5mm jack and a 6.3 mm stereo adapter to fit any eventuality.In addition both the transmitter and the receiver are rechargeable via USB cable (this included) and battery life before the next recharge, is 4-6 hours.A:Transmitter: Signal feature : 16bit, 44.1Khz Automatic match Frequency Response: 20-20KHzTransmitting mode: 2.4GHz, doubleway, frequency hopping technology Power: Li-on batteryWorking Time:5 HoursCurrency:<70mA Distance: 15M B:Receiver: Receiving mode: 2.4GHz, doubleway, frequency hopping technology Automatic match Audio Output: mix outputFrequency Response: 20-20KHzPower: Li-on battery or DCDistance: 15M


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For Goalkeaper training. The Kit 1 is composed by: 2 pcs Original Pezzi Soccer System® gr 200-cm 22 2 pcs Original Pezzi Soccer System® gr 300-cm 22 2 pcs Original Pezzi Soccer System® gr 400-cm 22 2 pcs Original Pezzi Soccer System® gr 600-cm 22 2 pcs Original Pezzi Soccer System® gr 800-cm 22 2 pcs Original Pezzi Soccer System® gr 1000-cm 22 1 Hand Pump small 19 cm 1 DVD:"Work proposal for goalkeeper" (5 lang.) 1 Exercises guide and instructions


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2 pcs Original Pezzi Soccer System® gr 320-cm 22 2 pcs Original Pezzi Soccer System® gr 370-cm 22 2 pcs Original Pezzi Soccer System® gr 420-cm 22 2 pcs Original Pezzi Soccer System® gr 470-cm 22 2 pcs Original Pezzi Soccer System® gr 520-cm 22 1 Hand Pump small 19 cm 1 DVD:"Work proposal for goalkeeper" (5 lang.) 1 Exercises guide and instructions



The course is recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (1.5 CEUs) it is a great specialization course for Personal Trainer, the Physical Doctors and the trainers of functional training. The course, after a theoretical basis, focuses on the use of Kit.1 Core stability and functional strength by Ledragomma Original Pezzi®. The kit consists of, in addition to a Gymnastikball and 3 Activa Disc, other 3 extremely interesting tools with water filling (liters and load variables): 1 Roll, 1 ball ø42cm and 1 Core equipment.Date and Venue: 15/16 October 2016 / PFA Chivasso - Studio ChinesologicoYou can also pay through Bank transfer toDavide ZanichelliBank support Banca SellaIBAN: IT87W0326810100052985284380BIC/SWIFT: SELBIT2BXXXOBJECT: CoreFunct + indicate date and cityCourse objectives: to train specialized instructors in the new functional training methods, respecting the physiological and biomechanical bases; You will be taught to handle tools Kit.1 and Core stability and functional strength by Ledragomma Original Pezzi®; It will be taught how to manage the use of these tools within lesson Personal Trainer, optimizing to the maximum usability.Who should attend: The course requires a basic knowledge of working one on one and postural gymnastics.Duration: 2 days (15 hours)Type: Theoretical and practical single-subjectTHEORYClassification, function and limitations of the jointsThe new frontiers on stretching and joint mobility“The Man Machine”: What do we cater forThe movement multiplanar and multijointFrom simple workout (Squat, Push-up and Pull-up) to the use of the Kit.1When was the Functional Training and its basic conceptsIntegration of functional with small toolsThe advantages of functionalThe functional training and possible risksThe proprioceptive trainingCharacteristics of the Kit.1 Original Pezzi® Core stability and functional strength by LedragommaStretgth, mobility, stability, flexibility, chardiovascular condition with Kit.1Analysis of the CoreAnalysis of anatomical-functionalDiseases & hypotonicityOverload disordersScoliosis, Hyperlordosis, Hyperkyphosis & Straightening of the curvesElements of Physics of FluidsThe fluid management outside of the bodyTHEORY AND PRACTICEWarm up, Workout and Warm downFocus and Analysis of exerxisesConditioning workoutStrength workoutEndurance workoutBody control workoutSubscribing in this course you'll receive during the course:the Book "Core&Functional for Personal Workout", International Certification as NASM “Qualified”. Special Discount during the course for the Kit1 and Kit2


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Breathable, quick-drying, contrasting inserts, reflective piping, round neck


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TUBULAR TAPE is the entire product line based on the Kinesioligic Taping concept.Studied and developed in collaboration with the physiotherapist Prof. Germana Antonelli, the internal silicone component applied to the products acts with the same function of the taping, favoring the constant decompression of the epidermis, the lymphatic drainage and the oxygenation of the blood.Thanks to the internal silicone lattice (Tape effect), non-toxic and hypoallergenic, specifically designed for each muscle band, the activity of the muscle is assisted and improved favoring the lower production of lactic acid. All Tubular Tape products are covered by Patents.Technical and innovative yarns such as Q-Skin allow you to have unique features.SHORT Tubular is a technical clothing item for Running, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Cross-Fit, Weight Room, Walking, but also Pilates, Yoga, Functional Training, Step, Bars, Dance, Choreographic Step, Zumba, Aerobics.PUSH UP EFFECT, ORANGE AND CELLULITE BUCCINO, ANTIBACTERIAL / ODOR CONTROL, FRESHNESS, BRETHABILITY, COMFORT.


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Il prodotto Tank Top Revenge è un capo d’abbigliamento tecnico ideale per attività quali Pilates, Yoga, Functional Training, Crossfit,Aerobics, Step, Bars, Dancing, Zumba, Spinning, Running, Walking.Le caratteristiche del filato Q-SKIN®, è una fibra di poliammide con ioni d’argento direttamente inseriti durante il processodi filatura, permette di regolare la proliferazione batterica con un’efficacia duratura.Q-SKIN® si prende cura della pelle offrendo, a chi l’indossa, traspirabilità, freschezza, igiene e comfort. Durante la normale attività quotidiana o nello sport, il nostro corpo produce sudore; la tecnologia Q-SKIN® si attiva nel momento in cui le molecole di sudore entrano in contatto con lafibra: gli ioni d’argento contenuti al suo interno aiutano a ridurre la flora batterica in eccesso, principale causa dei cattivi odori.RESISTENZA: La fibra Q-SKIN® mantiene intatte le sue caratteristiche nel tempo anche dopo numerosi lavaggi.Efficacia batteriostatica testata dall’istituto MIS PLUS di Zurigo secondo lo standard DIN ISO 20743: 10-2007.Resistenza ai lavaggi testata dall’istituto MIS PLUS di Zurigo secondo lo standard JIS L 1902/02.ODOR CONTROL: L’ingrediente inserito all’interno della fibra Q-SKIN® permette di ridurre laformazione di cattivi odori durante l’attività quotidiana e sportiva mantenendo la pelle fresca e asciutta


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Cap with adjustable velcro closure. Pre-curved visor.100% cotton


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Practical Nylon foldable bag. a product with a thousand different uses.Technical features:210D INylon, Lanyards with zip, Measurements 48x30x26


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