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08/10/2013, 12:53

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 The fitness course with a book... make attention!

Perhaps this condition is not so known, but a book cannot be copied by more than 15% and all its contents are protected by Copyright ©. GET! Gymball Evo Training® is not only a registered trademark, but is also equipped with a methodology described in the book "Get! Gymball Evo Training. The training evolution with gymnasticball", soon in ebook format in English.

The unique characteristics of the course are described inside the book, which, in addition to having 3 types of lesson, describes a format for the first time presented and strongly linked to this mark. We know that the gymball or Swissball is a tool now on the market for several decades (Italian patent 1950), and no one will stop its use in various fields and ways (from Pilates, to gymnastics, physical training , for use with overload, aerobics, ...), but GET! Gymball Evo Training®, with its methodology developed in several years of studies, tests (on the field) and analysis, offers lessons for the use of gymball and more precisely the Gymnastikball MAXAFE® "Original Pezzi"® produced by Ledragomma Ltd., Company historical Italian producer and exporter of "Made in Italy" in the world of inflatable equipment for fitness, medical and sports. This gymball, is made of a double layer, and thanks to the patent Maxafe®, allows during the classes the maximum security and comfort, despite the impact of stress and load that undergoes during each of GET lessons! Also it offers, thanks to its beautiful colors, pleasant feelings during lessons.

Which are the main and unique features of GET! Gymball Evo Training®?
First, it’s a format based totally to the use of Gymnastikball and do not need anything else! It’s not a precoreo course and danced-choreographed and clearly identifies for the use of basic functional exercises such as: squat, lunge, push up and plank, in all variants, but always and only with gymball and music. Many other unique characteristics are describe in the book and you can learn all of these during every instructor course

I am an instructor, a Physical Doctor, a Coach, can I do GET! Gymball Evo Training® lessons?
Of course! After following the formation certified internationally by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and therefore valid not only in Italy, where the course was born, but also outside of Italy and respecting the Regulation qualified instructor. Otherwise, the instructor who uses the brand or even the methodology without authorization is liable to prosecution.

How could I become a certified instructor GET! Gymball Evo Training® and keep lesson?
Sign up in one instructor course directly from here, attending the course, passing the exam and respecting the GET Rules! Gymball Evo Training®. Each training provides students with numerous content, specific methodologies and a huge range of exercises, useful during the same lessons GET!, but also for the work of the Personal Trainer.

Where can I find and follow the lessons GET! Gymball Evo Training®?
Going to the website in the section on qualified instructors (divided by regions for Italy) or certified fitness centers. Only here I can find the true and original GET lessons! Gymball Evo Training®.

Why enter GET! Gymball Evo Training® as a training session?
First of all because it’s really effective workout. In fact, you’ll notice an improvement in muscle tone, the overall strength and balance. Then it’s fun, despite the intensity that can reach the lessons, without forgetting the adaptability to the instructor, who will be able to operate according to the situation and the condition of the class. it’s always an aerobic/music course and then never get bored, without being bound by it, having no choreography. Finally it’s for everyone, from athletes to housewifes, students, Managers etc.

Ceo Founder Davide Zanichelli

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